Practical controls to stop gambling

Here are some practical controls that can help put barriers between you and gambling.

Install software


Install an adblocker to help reduce the amount of advertising you see online. Search online for 'best adblockers' to find the right adblocker for you. This type of software is usually free.

Blocking software

There is a range of blocking software available to use to protect your devices. For more information visit


We are proud to be part of the TalkBanStop campaign, bringing together free help and practical tools available to those who are struggling with online gambling. TalkBanStop promotes the use of GAMSTOP alongside GamBan device blocking software and bank transactional blocks together with accessing help and support via the National Gambling Helpline.

You can install Gamban, which is gambling-specific blocking software for phones, tablets and computers, for FREE by contacting the National Gambling Helpline.

Delete apps

Delete all gambling apps from any phones and tablets you have access to.

Unsubscribe and unfollow

Unsubscribe from any emails you receive from gambling companies, and unfollow gambling sites on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Contact your bank

Several banks now offer the option of blocking yourself from making gambling transactions.

For more information visit

Other self-exclusion services

If you also gamble offline, it's a good idea to self-exclude from other types of gambling too. See other self-exclusion services.







Betting shops and bookmakers


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